Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Douglas Thrift 54b721cac2 Make mintty hold for errors 9 months ago
  Douglas Thrift e717941373 Zip up the whole bin subdirectory 1 year ago
  Douglas Thrift a09bff1e65 Use nsis.portable in AppVeyor build for clean PATH 1 year ago
  Douglas Thrift f0a20e3350 Add Start Menu shortcuts for user/global settings 1 year ago
  Douglas Thrift 6bc6b6914f Install the WPF DLLs so that that settings work 1 year ago
  Douglas Thrift acd16b7445 Update to more recent Visual Studio .gitignore 1 year ago
  Douglas Thrift dac3b8d2d5 Use correct environment variable notation for PATH 2 years ago
  Douglas Thrift d579772f9e Use the correct cmdlet name for setting the PATH 2 years ago
  Douglas Thrift ac92644da4 Use PowerShell for AppVeyor PATH setting instead 2 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 35e16048f7 Add NSIS to the path in AppVeyor to fix build 2 years ago
  Douglas Thrift bbeeaa53ba Clean up README and include mirror download link 2 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 3244ff9a39 Add artifacts for AppVeyor 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 3c5a461fff Use APPVEYOR_BUILD_VERSION instead of the nonexistent VERSION variable 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 6f5ba13546 Maybe this is how to pass environment variables? 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 8d9a7617e9 The RefreshEnv thingy seems to have worked, trying again 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 5d8390c3f0 Try the undocumented AppVeyor RefreshEnv thingy 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift f2d2b4917a See what the PATH is like on AppVeyor 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 125f0a3280 Make AppVeyor build the NSIS installer 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 0380225659 Output what the download of dotNetFx40_client_setup.exe is doing 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 4248e1222b Download and cache dotNetFx40_Client_setup.exe in Appveyor 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift b6eb69f755 Add more AppVeyor options 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 3008115228 Install NSIS in Appveyor with Chocolatey 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 501f358e72 That reads better 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift d8ac4d4fa4 Add badge for Appveyor build 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 05614703ad Add NuGet for AppVeyor. 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 099b985ad2 Support user and global settings and save to the registry! 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 125a50b506 Make Apply button disable/enable work correctly. 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift dcfbdc385f Implement browse dialogs and autocomplete boxes! 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 18e3e1d75d Parse options into settings dialog and ouput options back. 4 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 8f7e4bf2fd Add NuGet plugin requirement to 4 years ago