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  2. <package xmlns="">
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  4. <id>rsc</id>
  5. <version>8.0.0</version>
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  7. <owners>Douglas Thrift</owners>
  8. <title>rsc - RightScale API Client</title>
  9. <authors>Flexera</authors>
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  16. <tags>rsc flexera rightscale API rest cli go golang</tags>
  17. <summary>Generic RightScale API client Go package and command line tool</summary>
  18. <description>
  19. # rsc - A generic RightScale API client
  20. `rsc` provides both a command line tool and a go package for interacting with the RightScale APIs.
  21. The currently supported APIs are the RightScale Cloud Management API 1.5 and 1.6 APIs, the
  22. RightScale Self-Service 1.0 APIs (latest version for this product) and the RightLink10 APIs exposed
  23. by the RightLink10 agent. The RightScale APIs reference can be found on the
  24. [RightScale docs]( site.
  25. `rsc` can be used in one of two ways:
  26. * as a command line tool
  27. * as a way to make API requests to RightScale programmatically from Go code
  28. ## Command Line Tool
  29. The command line tool uses subcommands to interact with each API. Use `rsc cm15` to send requests
  30. to the RightScale Cloud Management API 1.5, `rsc cm16` to send requests to the RightScale Cloud
  31. Management API 1.6, `rsc ss` to send requests to the RightScale Self-Service API 1.0 and `rsc rl10`
  32. to send requests to RightLink10.
  33. **Please Note**: This is an automatically updated package. If you find it is
  34. out of date by more than a day or two, please contact the maintainer(s) and
  35. let them know the package is no longer updating correctly.
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  37. <releaseNotes>See the [CHANGELOG](</releaseNotes>
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