Commit History

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  Douglas Thrift 7ab7d7399b Use line cookbook instead of conf cookbook. 7 years ago
  Douglas Thrift a8ca33ee4b Add test-kitchen version constraint from The Berkshelf Way blog post. 7 years ago
  Douglas Thrift ee3a8c13ab The conf cookbook needs some work! 8 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 91a7482cf3 Fully bootstrapping in Vagrant! 8 years ago
  Douglas Thrift cbaf58217b Work around mount lenght limit in FreeBSD with a Vagrantfile hack. 8 years ago
  Douglas Thrift ef04587282 Use foodcritic and scmversion. 8 years ago
  Douglas Thrift 6cb45a5d52 Beginnings of pkgng bootstrap and vagrant config for FreeBSD. Too bad it currently won't work on a Windows host. 8 years ago
  Douglas Thrift a5956e903e Initial FreeBSD pkgng cookbook. 8 years ago