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  jtimberman 7772487d15 increment version for development 8 years ago
  jtimberman e9eac70b72 release v2.0.4 8 years ago
  Joshua Timberman 9f6bb119ad Merge pull request #26 from hungryblank/fix-COOK-2812 8 years ago
  jtimberman db9876bca6 increment version for development 8 years ago
  jtimberman d4beef5eb4 release v2.0.2 8 years ago
  hungryblank 30b30643fd fix COOK-2812 allow block for restart_command 8 years ago
  Joshua Timberman aa0f9da3e2 Merge pull request #25 from devops-israel/master 8 years ago
  jtimberman 0d9750467b Merge branch 'COOK-2713' 8 years ago
  Chris Roberts 07fee73c3c Allow sub-resource attributes to propogate up 8 years ago
  jtimberman 77460f015a Merge branch 'COOK-2537' 8 years ago
  Chris Roberts 98c137ae62 Fix conditional ordering 8 years ago
  Chris Roberts 8b7f840343 Dup the constant since the string is frozen 8 years ago
  Chris Roberts 63002f714d Use respond_to_missing? if we are in a non-ancient version of ruby 8 years ago
  Chris Roberts 72b4bd3f2a Properly respond_to? things that are provided via method_missing 8 years ago
  Evgeny Zislis b9fa4fd8d9 allow to select shallow clone or full clone on deploy 8 years ago
  jtimberman 56a643965c Revert "Merge pull request #23 from Youscribe/addRoot" 8 years ago
  Joshua Timberman 40079b26d8 Merge pull request #23 from Youscribe/addRoot 8 years ago
  Guilhem Lettron 393f482dd5 update README to add app_root 8 years ago
  Guilhem Lettron 648a99aa0e rename parameter "root" to "app_root" 8 years ago
  Guilhem Lettron 61a56e3196 Add a root path (default to /) 8 years ago
  jtimberman 075ed609ce better constrain non 1.0 test-kitchen dep 8 years ago
  jtimberman 9a72b50bcb update test-kitchen dep 8 years ago
  jtimberman da3eb5ac8f increment version for development 8 years ago
  jtimberman 1bc22925c2 release v2.0.0 8 years ago
  jtimberman ee109a7a43 remove lock file entirely, let jenkins sort it out 8 years ago
  Joshua Timberman 7cecac7ff5 Merge pull request #21 from andreacampi/COOK-1673 8 years ago
  Andrea Campi f9b875f8d2 Only call #converge if it's defined; this lets us tell platforms affected by CHEF-3589 / CHEF-3493 by those where they are fixed. 8 years ago
  Joshua Timberman d31b64b12c Merge pull request #16 from cap10morgan/fix-readme 8 years ago
  jtimberman 4143963a5f [COOK-1820] - update readme wrt deprecated recipes 8 years ago
  jtimberman ebca154ad8 increment version for development 8 years ago